Infinity | Galapagos Yacht


The Infinity is a luxury yacht in the Galapagos Cruise Yachts category. It is one of the most luxurious and modern yachts in the archipelago. Enjoy the stunning landscapes while feeling free and comfortable. You can take a break on the private balconies that each cabin offers. After a day of exploring Galapagos, you might want to take a break on the large sundeck.

Infinity's crew has been carefully selected to provide the best possible experience for your trip. You will also have two tour guides on your trip. This private service will surely enhance your adventure. After retiring their Galaven, the Galapagueno Ortiz families imported the M/V Infinity. This experience is evident in the meticulous preparation of the boat for the archipelagos watersways. It's also great to support local entrepeneurs by purchasing a local business. Voyagers Travel has a long-standing relationship with the Ortiz. Our local agents met the boat while it was being built in Guayaquil. They were also invited to join one of the maiden voyages.

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